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About RIGLAN: Protectors of the StoryVerse

RIGLAN: Protectors of the StoryVerse is a thrilling adventure that follows the journey of a young hero, Riglan, as he uncovers the truth about his family and the responsibility they carry. In the small town of Shady Maple, Riglan's dad has always been known as the projectionist at the local movie theater, but little does Riglan know, his dad is part of a long-standing legacy of Story Protectors. These protectors are tasked with maintaining the authenticity of stories and keeping the dangerous influences of Bad Ideas at bay. However, a new threat has emerged that threatens to disrupt the delicate balance of the StoryVerse. A mysterious force is controlling the Bad Ideas, causing them to wreak havoc and collide with other stories, leading to catastrophic consequences. With his mother kidnapped and rumors of the TimeTaker's return, Riglan is thrust into the family business and joins forces with his dad, grandma, and best friend Tarrah on a mission to save the StoryVerse from collapsing. The stakes have never been higher as the team races against time to prevent the very fabric of reality from unraveling, leading to the end of the world as we know it


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