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B.Earl is an American comic book writer and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles. Earl has been working with Marvel Entertainment since 2017, writing MASTERS OF THE SUN, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT, GHOST RIDER: KUSHALA, and most recently DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN. He and his creative partner, Taboo, also contributed to the special series MARVEL #1000. Earl is currently writing a graphic novel for the video game PLANETQUEST as well as writing a soon-to-be announced Marvel series. When not writing comic books, B.Earl and Taboo run their creative studio SkyView Way which has a multi-project deal with Gaumont Entertainment. They are currently developing several scripted and animated series. B.Earl is also a well-known voice in the web3/metaverse space, speaking on digital collectibles and storytelling. He oversees the web3 strategy for the high-end collectible company Sideshow, where he focuses on bridging the gap between digital and physical.
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