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Create and trade literary NFTs, build communities and join the literary revolution
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A new economy for the written word

Soltype is a new way for writers to monetize their work and connect with their communities. Soltype is a gamechanger for today’s literary industry, which is marred by gatekeeping and poor financial returns on written work. Soltype rolls each part of publishing and promotion into one simple platform that puts authors’, readers’ and investors’ needs at the centre.

For creators


Easily create a text NFT on Soltype and store it on the blockchain


Publish on your own terms and have your fans promote your work for you


Set the percentage of revenue you wish to receive from secondary sales of your NFT

For investors, fans and readers


Buy and sell text NFTs. Support writers and earn revenue with them.


Peer to peer support for your favourite content creators

Read & share

Read, share and engage with the works from your favourite creators

The vast potential of Literary NFTs

NFTs are the new foundation of digital ownership. When applied to text, they unlock incredible opportunities

Monetise your knowledge and reputation

Do you want to monetize your expertise or influence? Write your Soltype and permanently mark the blockchain with your unique ideas. Then, watch your ideas spread as your audience trades your piece, and profits grow as you collect royalties on all secondary sales.
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Promote your work

Are you at the early stage of your writing career and need to promote your work? Soltype’s built-in incentive model for buyers and tippers of your NFT encourages them to find new tippers, buyers and readers, helping you grow your popularity organically and with minimal effort.
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Publish anonymous, uncensored text

Publish uncensored and incorruptible works with complete freedom of information. If you wish to  disclose information anonymously, you can do so with Soltype.
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Securely store your work (Coming soon)

Do you need to sign an agreement and safely store it where it can’t be corrupted, lost or viewed without permission? Upload your documents as Soltypes and ensure their security.
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Protecting IP (Coming soon)

Do you want to protect your intellectual property and/or easily sell it? With Soltype you can do that.
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Issuing certifications (Coming soon)

Are you an institution that issues official certifications and diplomas? Securely issue incorruptible certifications that can easily be verified and shared.
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Work with world-class brands, expand your business

By connecting your audience and post insights, you'll increase your probabilities of landing more deals with well-known brands who use Social Connect for all their campaigns.
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Influencer wearing sponsored clothing
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Soltype was born

TEXT + Blockchain = 🙀  Market analysis + Team formation

Landing page + Social media presence

Alpha release

Proof of concept. Initial user testing and learnings

Beta release

Launched beta with 50+ whitelisted creators

Strategic partnerships

Ongoing relations with publishers, web3 projects, launchpads and accelerators

Soltype - Create

Empowering writer to create and publish Soltypes with a stremlined UX/UI

Soltype - Copyright licences

Decide to keep or grant the commercial exploitation rights of your Soltypes to your buyers

PROFILE NFT collection

Buy a PROFILE to become a verified creator, get featured on Soltype, get $STYPE token airdrop and get exclusive access to Soltype’s DAO


Soltype - Sell

Enabling auctions of literary NFTs

Soltype - Social features

Empowering the community to bookmark, highlight and comment Soltypes

$STYPE token launch

Buy and stake $STYPE to gain passive income from Soltype's trading volume

Rewarding promotion: Re-selling 1/1 Literary NFTs

Empowering authors to easily build a brand by rewarding their buyers for reselling their work

Rewarding promotion: Tipping Literary NFTs

Empowering authors to easily build a brand by rewarding their tippers for bringing in more tippers

iOs & Android app release

App release for Mobile stores. A web2 experience with web3 features


Donald Frederick

Co-founder - Tech Legend

Blockchain - Coding - Philosophy - Psychology & Neuroscience? Donald has it all covered and is always up for an amazing and inspiring chat. He's the go to Tech genius and the Force that ignited the creation of Soltype.

Juan Pablo Briceño

Co-founder - El Professor

Juan takes a concept and makes it into indestructible foundations for scalability. Blockchain expert and entrepreneur by heart, Juan is our go to guy for Community, Strategy, Sales and Finance.

Paco Puylaert

Co-founder - Product Supreme

Let's elevate this to the next level and build something meaningful! Brand & Product Designer, Artist, and NFT fanatic. Paco is your unstoppable visionary go to guy capable of making ideas come to reality.

Justine Beaulé

Business developer - Poison Ivy

"Blockchain will kill the world? Or will it contribute to saving it? Justine grows the business and ensures we are on the right track to have positive impact. User researcher, copywriter and Business developer!

Christian Kjær

Blockchain dev. - Dior

Christian is everything blockchain and databases. If it ain't challenging, what's the point in trying? Give him a problem and he will turn it into an opportunity. Crack a laugh and talk some tech with the man.

Andreas Handberg

Software dev. - The new Maestro

Few words that change everything are better than empty words to fill the air. Builder by core gets down to business and sharply forges impact development.

Victor Ibsen

Software dev.

Intersecting business and software development is what Victor does best. A bridge between two worlds and an epic question master.

Ian Moore

Advisor - Community Punk

Punk ain't dead. Ian Moore takes Brands and transforms them into outstanding stories. Co-founder and CEO of, Ian is our go to advisor to make sure that we stay real and keep kicking some butt. - Punk

Mr. Buddy

Company Mascotte and VIP

Mr. Buddy is our Miami based legendary mascotte! No one can resist his charms and if you do, we don't trust you <3
If we ever lack clarity he suggests to go for a walk and we comply. - He's the real Boss