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About DRACARI: Chronicles of Nethra

The Colonial Resistance has been crushed under the heel of the Great Houses of Terra. Those rebels that managed to escape the onslaught have scattered across the colony systems, maintaining a low profile and struggling to survive. Markus Frost has a plan. One of his old comrades-in-arms is planning a heist from a secret tech facility hidden deep within the jungles of Dracari. With the take from this job, Markus and his partner, Skye Jensen, can find a way out-system and into a new life. However, Markus and Skye are soldiers no longer. They aren’t battling for some common cause alongside their fellow freedom fighters. They are fugitives: just two more criminals forced into the bowls of the galaxy’s dark underbelly. There is no honor among thieves, and no promises to leave no one behind.


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